Monday, December 24, 2012

America Does Not Have A 
Gun Control Problem.

Control Problem

Here's Newark mayor Cory Booker asking some good questions and making some excellent points on a Sunday talk show where he deviates from the 'blame the guns' mantra so many others are chanting: 

Booker is correct. It’s not really a GUN control problem, it’s a CRIMINAL control problem.
Chicago had 190+ shootings in a month. The authorities there know if they arrested, tried and locked up about 100 particular gang members – all of whom have been arrested for violent crimes with weapons before, many MULTIPLE TIMES – the shooting rate in that city would plummet.
BUT THEY’LL NEVER DO THAT. Specifically TARGETING gang members is racist, and liberal cities will NEVER do it. So they will continue the insane revolving-door policies that put violent criminals back on the street fast.
LIBERALS BUILT THIS BROKEN JUSTICE SYSTEM. But they don’t want any BLAME for the results of that system being broken. So they have become masters of scape-goating by constantly bringing up the GUN when some crook or crazy person they failed to lock up kills people.
They CAN’T allow the discussion to be about their broken system. They defend that system. They built it. They own it. It’a a compassionate system. IT’S THE BEST SYSTEM. So they can’t let you wingnutz criticize it for putting some violent criminal out there to commit further violent crimes.
What better way to keep the subject off THEIR failures than by insisting the discussion focus on that wingut fixation: GUNS. How dare you! How dare you still stand up for the 2nd Amendment after some crook they let walk kills more people!
They craftily and artfully get away with doing this every single time. The bureaucrats that created the broken justice system and the MSM deliberately seek to make the national conversation about something that reflects badly on the RIGHT, not the Left. And that means the national conversation MUST be about guns, not a broken system that THEY  created that repeatedly lets criminals or crazies back  out onto the street to victimize the rest of us.
Here’s a real life example of a broken justice system: I lived in the Virgin Islands for 7 years. One of my friends there had a relative who was a cop that was killed in a shooting this year.
St. Thomas, USVI Police Officer Colvin George

The officer, Colvin George, was shot by a criminal who had just been arrested the previous month with drugs and a handgun. In April this crook was caught with a weapon. In May he shot Colvin Georges and another officer.

What kind of a system lets a dangerous drug dealer walk in less than a month?

And note this: the handgun the guy was caught with in April WASN’T the same one he had in May. He simply went out and got himself ANOTHER gun.

That’s what they are doing in places like Chicago. They catch these guys with guns, take the guns away, let them go after a brief time, and the first thing these guys do is go get themselves another gun.

I can’t help but wonder how many times in places like Chicago or the USVI has the SAME CRIMINAL had multiple GUNS taken off of him at various arrests?

Rather than examine what THEY are doing that is not working, the Liberal bureaucrats look for a SCAPEGOAT to relentlessly ATTACK to keep attention OFF of their failures.

And up until now, they've been getting away with it!  WHY does this clever – and insidious – strategy ALWAYS seem to work? 

At least some people on the Left like Cory Booker are finally starting to wake up and ask the right questions.