Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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Aftermath Of Orlando Terror Attack Shows That Political Correctness Is
Alive & Well In America

The Fort Hood terrorist attack was seven years ago. It took place on November 5th, 2009.  It is now June of 2016.  And it's clear from viewing the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida that political correctness is still alive and well in this country.  

It's not that Americans haven't learned the lesson of Ft. Hood. It's that under our present 'leadership', we're not allowed to APPLY those lessons.

Recall the news stories after the Ft. Hood shooting in which military psychiatrists and doctors present for Nidal Hasan's slideshow presentation which they were to grade to determine if he would be promoted to Major, became so concerned about what he was displaying to them that they huddled outside afterwards to discuss amongst themselves if he was NUTS.  

Protests were sent up the chain. Hasan was promoted to Major ANYWAY. And about two years later, this openly radicalized Muslim shot 14 fellow US soldiers to death. Why was nothing done? More than one person who watched Hasan's rise in the US Military has opined it was very likely because Hasan was a MUSLIM & top brass didn't want to appear to be racist or profiling.

THIS is the slideshow that Hasan presented to a group of military professional doctors to grade to see if he would be promoted to Major. Note the numerous misspellings, the incoherence of it, and the fact when it was over his colleagues were questioning his sanity.

Note the comment on slide 48: "We love death more then [sic] you love life!" This guy could barely write legible English. Yet he was promoted to Army Major AFTER making this presentation.

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Mark Steyn recounted the numerous red flags that were ignored before Ft. Hood because, well, Hassan was Muslim. Nobody wanted to appear nothing was done. 

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Now we have this latest terrorist attack in Orlando. And once again, we're discovering there were plenty of warning signs about this creep that were ignored or suppressed.  "We have to be careful, he's a Muslim." 

Mateen was considered enough of a threat that he was interviewed by the FBI multiple times, but was then cleared.  He was also briefly placed on the no-fly watch list, but was taken off that list in 2014.  He passed two federal background checks to buy the weapons he used to kill 49 people.

As I said the other day on Twitter: 
"Since the creep worked for a federal gov't affiliated agency, had a firearm license, passed 2 background checks, was interviewed multiple times by FBI & passed, then was taken off the terror watch list.....those who want to exploit this terror attack to move the ball on gun control literally have nowhere to go but straight for a ban on guns - or at least of the AR-15."
We've watched the Progressive Left try to take this terror attack and change the subject to Christian bigotry over SSM, trans bathrooms, the NRA, gun control, banning AR-15 rifles, ANYTHING except the real subject we need to be talking about right now. 

Obama & Progressives are locked into their ideology.  They won't change it, no matter what happens. And their response to the Orlando terror attack reaffirms this. 

They are using Political Correctness to try to force the political changes they want to see while also forcing the other side of this discussion into silence.  
THIS is how we ended up with Trump. People tired of this bullshit responded to his anti-PC rantings. And now from Obama's gun control talk and the usual bashing of Christians & the NRA, the same scenario is playing out again. We still can't discuss the real problem because politically correct leadership in our government  and our media simply WILL NOT LET THE NATIONAL DISCUSSION GO THERE. 

Trump is NOT the answer to this, but if you want to understand his rise, what's sustained him for a year, the way the Left has responded to the Orlando terrorist attack is a PRIME example. Trump has tapped into this anger/helplessness in the face of PC nonsense that many Americans feel in a way that no one else ever has.  
How many more Americans have to die before we finally quit catering to this PC stupidity?