Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Victory Dance! 
Why Are Obama Administration Officials Suddenly Giving Interviews In Which They Brag About How They Punk'd The Country On ObamaCare, The Iran Deal?

They are following the lead of Obama himself, who's made it clear his last year will be one long sustained victory dance, from deliberately posing in front of a massive image of Che' in his Cuba visit, to dancing the tango in Argentina.  If Obama comes across as detached from his job the first few months of 2016, it's because he is.  As Stephen Miller has pointed out in a running joke on his Twitter feed [@redsteeze], the country is now being run by 'President Ash Carter', our Secretary of Defense, who attends to mundane things like national security issues & dealing with foreign crises while Obama contents himself with hobnobbing with celebrities like Macklemore at 1 party after another between golf outings. 

Now plenty of Obama administration officials want in on this victory dance, and are giving interviews in which they seek credit for their manifest accomplishments before the clock runs out and they must exit the White House. 
"Great job fooling the people, guys! Keep up the good work!"

Thus, we end up with Ben Rhodes in NY Mag, bragging in explicit detail about how he conned a bunch of reporters into selling the false narrative he spun on the Iran Deal.  And with a trio of Obama speechwriters on Charlie Rose laughing about how many American's bought their cleverly crafted 'Keep Your Doctor / Keep Your Plan' lie.  

Why do this unseemly looking bragging/laughing now, with Obama still in office? The answer is, because they've won and they know it. The clock is ticking down to zero and there's really nothing anybody could do, no political penalty that could made.  

It's an article of faith among Progressives that the only way you advance the ball on the more radical Progressive agenda items in  this backwards country is by tricking people.  You really do have to fool them to get any where. 
"And then...ha ha...then we told'em if they liked their doctor they could keep their doctor...

So the reason we're seeing this bragging now is that these Progressives in the White House want full credit with the base for the trickery they've done while they have the full spotlight that being in the White House affords them for their bragging. 

It makes sense to drop the pretense now & laugh & brag about how you punk'd the country on health care and Iran's nuclear program if you want full credit from the kind of people who will admire what you did.  

I summed up the attitude of these Obama officials in a tweet earlier today: 
You can expect more of this in the coming months, despite the strong pushback some are making in defense of Rhodes, claiming he was the victim of a NYT's writer with an agenda.  The video of Obama's speech writers yucking it up over the gullible American people who bought their ObamaCare lies is much harder to explain away, which is why it's being largely ignored by the DNC Media echo chamber.  

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