Monday, August 10, 2015

DNC Media Thinks They've 
Stopped The Signal By Embargoing 
The 5th Planned Parenthood Video. 

They're Wrong. And Their Nightmare Is Only Beginning

The DNC Media still has this conceited idea that if THEY don't deign to cover a story, that story is a nonissue. To disprove this idea, you need look no further than the Planned Parenthood videos.

After the 5th video debuted, DNC Media realized what it showed was literally unspinnable.  Following the method of the slow video rollout designed by Andrew Breitbart & James O'Keefe, The Center For Medical Progress had put all of the Planned Parenthood lies on record for the entire world to see, giving Cecile Richards & her organization enough rope to hang themselves with.  With the debut of the 5th video, the noose began to tighten. 

At the same time, lead investigative journalist for CMP, David Daleiden, appeared on CNN and was more than capable of turning back every single Planned Parenthood talking point that was thrown at him. 

At this point, the DNC Media decided the best way to protect Planned Parenthood from what it's got coming was to go silent on the video's contents.  

It hasn't worked.  

Look around this country the week since the DNC Media went radio silent on the contents of that 5th video and tell me the Planned Parenthood videos are a 'nonissue': 

Alabama Becomes 3rd State To Defund Planned Parenthood In One Week

Louisiana, Alabama and New Hampshire voted to defund Planned Parenthood. They now join other states such as Texas and Florida and Wisconsin, who moved to defund Planned Parenthood earlier.  

Over 12 states are now investigating Planned Parenthood for selling organs of dismembered human beings. 

There's around 6 videos left to go. Daleiden & Co. aren't even halfway done.  And if the first 5 were any indication, & David Daleiden's word is good, the worst videos are yet to come.  

If my hunch is correct, CMP didn't just set up a fake biomedical company to FILM Planned Parenthood officials talking about human organ sales.  CMP actually went on to PURCHASE human organs from Planned Parenthood. 

In fact, during the actual filming, the moment  people on the videos discussed having bought intact human bodies from Planned Parenthood, if I'm David Daleiden & CMP, my main goal at that moment becomes getting Planned Parenthood to sell one to my fake biomedical company.  Could he actually pull that off?  We'll see as the remaining videos are released.  

But make no mistake. Those videos are coming.  

That means more states launching investigations, more states defunding this criminal enterprise  and more donors backing away from these bloody ghouls.  

So hey, DNC Media, you don't NEED to cover what's in the videos themselves, you can keep right on focusing attacks on the people making the videos and lying about Planned Parenthood doing mammograms.  

Because it doesn't matter.  

This is the Internet Age, and enough people are seeing the videos without your involvement.  You've been removed as the middle man.  Your days of playing gatekeepers of what the public can/can't see are over.  You don't matter any more.  You can't stop the signal.  

Planned Parenthood isn't the only thing being exposed by these videos.  The DNC Media is being exposed as well.  And that's a beautiful thing. 


  1. Dana Bash says "You aren't journalists but rather advocates." A good response would have been to ask why journalists couldn't get the story and save CMP the legal hassles.

  2. Noting how she had to get in "and what the courts say" to make her audience feel that CMP are the ones who are behaving illegally, rather than planned parenthood, which acts as though there is a gray area in the law regarding anything they want to do but legally they can't. I imagine her bringing it up also indicates she is hopeful that the courts will save the reputation of the press and Planned Parenthood from these videos. I note in this segment she didn't get out the "highly edited" meme.

  3. Over the week-end some 70% of Americans polled had not heard of the Planned Parenthood story. The MSM is doing a pretty good job keeping it under wraps. I called my Michigan state senator (Ed Canfield) to persuade him to float a bill to defund. His staff seemed not to have heard of it and claimed I was the first call on the subject.

    1. As the videos keep being rolled out, and more states launch investigations & defund, the DNC Media trying to pretend this is a non story is going end up looking increasingly ridiculous.

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