Thursday, February 26, 2015

Who Invented The YouTube Video Lie That Obama & Hillary Told Next To The Caskets Of Four Dead Americans? 

We Still Don't Know.  And It's Time We Found Out

Thanks to Judicial Watch, even more evidence has surfaced that the Obama White House and the Clinton State Department were informed from the very first hours that the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi on September 11,2012 was a planned attack linked to a known terrorist group. 

They knew. And they chose to lie. [Link To Judicial Watch's report]

Yet after assessing all this information from the people on the ground in Libya, and from military and intelligence sources, someone back in Washington made the deliberate decision to reject it all and instead go with a cover story about a spontaneous protest due to a YouTube video.  

For weeks both the White House and the State Department insisted on pushing the fiction that the Benghazi attack and the deaths of four Americans there was due to a spontaneous event that had absolutely nothing to do with the anniversary of 9/11.  

So determined was this administration to avoid accountability that both President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeated what they knew to be lies while standing next to the caskets of four dead Americans.  

A moment that will live in infamy

Much later, while speaking in front of the UN, Obama was still repeating the YouTube video lie: 

Having irresponsibly left 50+ Americans in Benghazi vulnerable to attack, and then mismanaged it's response during the attack itself, somebody back in Washington was determined that the American people would not get an accurate sense of what had just occurred.  The election in November was just too important. 

The Benghazi attack absolutely COULD not be allowed to be seen as: 

1. A planned attack
2. By a terrorist group on
3. the anniversary of 9/11

For weeks President Obama, SecState Clinton, Jay Carney, Susan Rice and other media spokespersons engaged in a determined propaganda campaign to ensure the story about Benghazi became 

1. A spontaneous protest over
2. An inflammatory anti-Muslim YouTube video that
3. Had nothing whatsoever to do with the anniversary of 9/11
Spontaneous protest or not, it's always assumed that a competent White House & State Department is going to be providing adequate security for diplomatic personnel abroad, most especially for those Americans working in areas with known terrorist activity, as Benghazi was.  

Nevertheless, the administration embarked on a program of selling the idea that because the attack arose out of a 'spontaneous video protest', nothing could have been done to prevent it, and therefore no one could be held accountable afterwards.  

Now more evidence has surfaced that all these people were simply lying to avoid accountability for their gross negligence and to help their chances in the upcoming election. 

As Andrew McCarthy discusses at NRO, the cover up began the very night of the attack. By 10 PM Washington time, Hillary Clinton was claiming - in direct conflict with the information that actually came from Libya - that "inflammatory material posted on the internet" may have been the cause of the attack.  Not a single person in Libya had told her this. 
After learning of the attack at 4:07 PM in DC, by 10 PM that night the cover story was already taking shape, and this administration stuck to it for weeks, loudly proclaiming there was no evidence whatsoever of a planned attack by an Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist group on 9/11.  

It is far past time all those who lied shamelessly and repeatedly to avoid the consequences for their gross negligence and mismanagement and got Americans killed are held accountable.  
They *have* gotten away with it thus far.  It time to show them they can't run from what they did.  No matter how much the DNC Media tries to aid & abet the cover up like the good lapdogs to power that they are, the truth is going to come out.