Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Lost Because More People
Want Big Government To 
Take Care Of Them
Than Want To Do It

We Can Cry About It Or
We Can Sell Them A
Better Vision Of America

Twitter Rant, my friends! Start down there at the bottom and read to the top! 


  1. Condescending even in defeat. Even some of your less Teabilly brethren have given up this line of thought. You're still looking down on half the country - despite your little insulting re-education twist.

    Pssst- it didn't work.

  2. You should read more David Frum. He's a sane conservative counterpoint to your failed, anachronistic one-note tune.-JF

  3. The reason you lost is because you started believing in your own alternate reality - the one that was just supposed to dupe and frighten old white people, but somehow transformed into a reality replacement. It's called "biting you in the ass."

  4. You do realize this trope is full of implied racism, right? You might as well just say, we lost 'cause of them lazy spicks and coons.

    No, really - that's the bottom line.-WH

  5. There could be no stronger evidence than this election loss that the right-wing media and so-called new media is an utter joke. Think of the months and bandwidth and air time and oxygen spent on shit that didn't matter - the conspiracies, the bad predictions, the joke candidates, the would-be legless scandals. All of it a giant bubble of misinformation that, in the light of stark reality, is revealed for what it is - junk.

    You hitched your wagon to an illusion and a terrible one at that. You were duped and by your own raving here - complicit.

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  7. Yeah, it was all a failure of right wing media and the new media. The Republican loss had nothing to do with massive voter fraud perpetrated by democratics in multiple locations throughout the country. NAACP electioneering in Houston, and the poll supervisor and county election board went along with it. Republican poll watchers in Philadelphia are expelled from the polling places, and only reinstated by court order. In the meantime, how much fraud was committed? don't try to tell me "none" when 59 precincts in Philly showed zero votes for Romney. And, let us not forget the New Black Panthers repeating their voter intimidation.
    Anonymous, you can take your assertions and shove them. Obama won this election, not because his message was popular, but because of vote fraud. It's time for military intervention so we can have fraud free elections, or it is time for American Revolution 2.0

    1. Straight outta' Fox News. Stay delusional. Too bad that some of you have been so brain damaged by your propaganda outlets that you can't join the sane conservatives who are starting to have sane conversations; Jindal, Gingrich, Kristol, Frum, etc.

      The tin foil hats don't work.

    2. The tin hats still seem to work for you commielibs. The NAACP did, in fact, break election law in Houston, TX. http://www.khou.com/news/election/NAACP-members-accused-of-stirring-the-crowd-at-Acres-Homes-polling-station-177233941.html
      The New Black Panthers intimidated voters in Philadelphia, both in this election and in 2008. After the 2008 election, they were ready to plea bargain, when Attorney General Holder stated that he would not prosecute "his people".
      In Philadelphia, Republican Poll watchers were expelled from polling places, and were only allowed back under court order several hours later. http://washingtonexaminer.com/philly-gop-poll-inspectors-being-ousted-for-dems/article/2512714
      And, isn't it amazing that 59 precints in Philadelphia had zero votes for Romney?
      So, anonymous, you can deny reality as much as you want, but it is you who are delusional. Either delusional or criminal, you take your choice.

    3. You Teabilly shit-stains have officially crossed the line into full-blown jokes now that you've started embracing conspiracy theories to try and explain facts and realities in your make-believe whitebread world of yesteryear. The Black Panthers - really? Your lunatic candidates rightly got laughed off the stage, your polls were hilariously wrong, and your extremism is now being rejected by the GOP.

      Take a good look at the last dozen or so posts on this blog alone and tell me again who's delusional. You're on your way out as a species - the confused, frightened retrograde Teabilly honky. I can't wait until you brainwashed suckers form your own party of cornpone fascists.

  8. Amazing? Not really.


  9. Brian Cates is a fake soldier, but a real racist.

    This entire blog is a monument to his failure.

  10. 4 more years of faux OUTRAGEOUS OUTRAGE!!!11! over fake racism?

    Awesome. Looking forward to it, you poseurs.

    1. And I look forward to you being wrong about everything, dumb ass. LOL! If YOU say it isn't racist, then I know for a fact it is, you tragic moron. LOL!

    2. Think you're tired of having to constantly pull out that race card to cover up for Obama's incompetence, arrogance and corruption? Just wait.

      By the time he's through, you're going to be exhausted.

  11. Your post is, at its heart inherently racist. You don't see it because you're incredibly delusional, as this blog illustrates vividly.
    Nothing you say has any validity ever. This blog is testament to a fully corrupted binary brain and it's awesome that you're just going to keep spanking a dead horse because you bring the abuse on yourself.

    You'll start swaggering again soon enough believing you're right about anything, but as long as this blog stays up, everyone can see that you don't have a single, lonely clue about what you're talking about. Ever.

    Maybe if you hadn't constantly come off like a bitter, vengeful status quo Teabilly prick, particularly in your truly awful twitter rants, no one would care, butI remember one of your previous posts talking about libs about to get bitten in the ass. It's pretty hard not to relish that bit of poetic justice.

  12. If the welfare state I had built had done what it did to the black community in America, I'd want to palm that off on somebody else too. Or just totally ignore it.

    Liberals own what their welfare state did to the black people in this country. Jesse Jackson and every other racial huckster leader that led blacks into the Liberal plantation for the past 50 years own it too, if that makes you feel any better.

    But there is no possible way Liberals can palm this off on Conservatives. They own it. Period.