Monday, November 5, 2012

"Oh I'm Sorry.....
You've Maxed Out Your
RACE CARD........
HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!"

Twitter Rant. Start at the bottom, read your way up! 


  1. Bl..bla... blah people...

  2. JF here and I'm back to politely invite you to suck on it and rub it in hard how wrong you were all along - as predicted.

    I feel kind of bad doing it, but you asked for it. - JF

  3. No problem with that. My interest in Obama's 2nd term turns to:

    1) How long will he & his enablers still be able to play that maxed out race card to excuse his failures and escape any criticism for his policies?

    2) Has the Bush Excuse expired yet? Because he & others still bringing up the Ghost of Bush in years 5, 6, 7, & 8 would be beyond absurd.

    3) Now that he doesn't have to worry about ever facing the voters again, just how FLEXIBLE will he be, anyway? Clinton moved to the center and worked with Republicans to get things done from 1996-2000. Will we see an Obama more inclined to get deals done or will he spend another 4 years pretending Republicans are obstructing everything?

    1. I think more #3 - if he is smart. I'm not sure what's on the table, but I think he'll have better luck this go round with smaller, but no less important things like infrastructure, technology, manufacturing, renewable energy, curbing outsourcing/incentivizing insourcing, etc. Almost like the broken window theory - fix the stuff that's more easily fixable and things tend to improve from the ground up. Less big scale, more nuts and bolts.

  4. Good rant. Certainly no racism anywhere from the side that lost. None whatsoever.