Sunday, March 27, 2016

Internet Streaming Has Made Cable & Satellite Dish Providers Obsolete
There are literally thousands of free hours of TV & Movie programming available to you from a simple Internet connection if you know where to look. 

We live in The Internet Age, but here's something that most people still paying big money for basic cable subscriptions don't know:

The Networks who produce their own shows all have their own Internet pages where you can stream current and recent episodes of their programming.

What Cable & Satellite Dish providers have been doing is inserting themselves between you and the networks as middlemen, having you pay for channel packages where they get a cut of the money. These channel packages they make you pay for include over a dozen channels you never even glance at.

While the networks are more than happy to take their cut of the money from the cable & satellite providers, they also recognize the value of making their shows available for streaming directly to viewers over the Internet.

The problem is many people are still unaware of this, and so are still paying a cable or Satellite Dish provider for access to programming they could be streaming for much less or even for free over the Internet if only they were aware they could do that.

Here's what you do:

Buy a Netflix subscription for $9.99 a month so you can watch older seasons of your favorite shows.  I recently did this with the CW's show Arrow, which is currently in it's 4th season. I watched seasons 1-3 on Netflix over the past month.

For more recent & current seasons of your favorite shows, you go to either Hulu or directly to the network's own home pages.

Hulu is a great website for TV streaming because it has programming from all the major networks in one place.  Instead of hunting down free episodes on 20 different network webpages, you can find most available free episodes on this one site.

An $8/month subscription at Hulu gives you access to more shows and movies, but you don't need it to watch the plentiful free programming available there.

Hulu's Home Page

Even if you decide to buy a Hulu subscription, that $8/month plus $9/month for Netflix is still FAR less than $35 or so most cable/satellite providers are charging for a basic channel package.

Hulu doesn't have all the content that each network makes available, however, so it's still worth it to check out their webpages.

Here's NBC's webpage where you can find episodes of many of their current shows & watch them for free:

NBC's current show list:

ABC's show list page where you can watch full episodes for free.

CBS's home page, with a list of all their shows, many of which have current/recent episodes that can be viewed for free.

Here's the CBS Supergirl page, where you can watch 5 episodes for free right now:

The CW Network home page, where free episodes of all their current shows are available for viewing:

The Fox Network shows can be seen here:

For instance, here's the full episode page for The X-Files new season, where 6 episodes are now available for free viewing;

The FX Network home page:


AMC Network:

For you news & political junkies out there, you can see video clips from all the top shows on Fox News and CNN:

Fox News:



  1. So, you only use internet. No tv. And stream. Did did you boy a local entenna or a roku?

  2. Hi. I have a local antenna for CBS, ABC, CBS and Fox. Might get a Roku though.

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