Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Point Of Hillary Breaking Her 87 Day Silence For That Interview On CNN Wasn't To Make News

It Was So The Democrat Base Could Hear Her Say What It Wanted To Hear

And Hillary & her interviewer, CNN's Brianna Keilar, gave Hillary's far left base what it wanted in the first few minutes of the interview.  

What did Hillary's base want to hear 87 days after she launched her candidacy for President? 

After disclosures that she'd accepted donations from foreign governments for the Clinton Foundation while serving as Secretary of State, something she promised she wouldn't do? 

After she hid her private emails from Congress & avoided subpoenas for over 3 years until they were discovered just a few months ago? 

That she hadn't handed over all her work related emails from her private homebrew server after saying she had? And destroyed over 30,000 other emails still under subpoena? 

That she and/or her staff had edited the emails she did hand over, a violation of the law? 

What did Hillary's base want to hear her say on the record?  Two things: 

1)  "I've done nothing wrong."


2)  "This is all right wing attacks." 

That's it. That was the entire point of the campaign infomercial that CNN aired last night. Because it gives Hillary's base the denial it wanted and a target to go after.  

Hillary is dusting off the same old Clinton Playbook from the 1990's, where none of her & Bill's multitude of scandals were their own fault, it was all the result of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. 

You may think it's nothing short of stunning for Hillary to still be playing this card at this late date, that none of the scandals facing her are self-inflicted, it's all just right-wing noise, but this is exactly what her base wants to hear, so that's why this interview was done.  

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy didn't FORCE Hillary to accept the millions in donations from foreign governments and corporations while she was serving as US Secretary of State.  She did that herself.  She broke her own promise.  

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy didn't FORCE Hillary to hide her private email accounts on a homebrew server &  deliberately ignore 3+ years of subpoenas.  This was Hillary Clinton's deliberate decision. 

And then once the emails were found, nobody in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy FORCED Hillary to pick which emails to hand over, which to hold back and destroy.  This was all Hillary.

And no one in a VRWC forced Hillary to deceptively edit some of the emails she handed over.  She did that herself of her own volition.  

ALL of Hillary's problems are self-inflicted due to her own dishonesty and corruption.  

But this doesn't matter.  Her BASE wants to hear that Hillary is being 'persecuted' by a 'conspiracy' of 'right-wing attackers', and so here we are.  And CNN willingly played along with this agenda.  

Even when Clinton tells Keilar a bold faced lie about having turned over all her work related emails, Keilar doesn't bat an eye or challenge her on it, she just nods her head and moves on.  
Now Hillary's base has what it needs.  They'll spend the next few months claiming Hillary has 'addressed' the 'non-story' of the emails & foreign donations in this CNN interview and it's time for all the rest of you to 

This wasn't about winning any new converts, it was about shoring up her base in the face of doubts and perhaps defections to Bernie Sanders. 

This interview should have been given to Jake Tapper.  But of course, as we all know, Hillary wouldn't have agreed to be interviewed by Tapper since he has a well earned reputation of being tough but fair.  That's not what Hillary wanted out of this 'interview'.  She wanted a campaign infomercial and Keilar & CNN willingly handed it to her.