Monday, April 6, 2015

Why The Mainstream Media Needs To Be Abandoned To The Wilderness Like The Israelites Of Old

Since The Old Media Shows No Willingness To Abandon Narrative Journalism, It's Time To Burn It All Down & Rebuild On The Ashes With A Younger Generation

If you've ever seen the film The Ten Commandments, you know how the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt begins. Here's how it ended: that entire generation that left Egypt was not allowed to enter the Promised Land that God had promised to them.

 They were so rebellious and stubborn in their refusal to obey and trust Him that God swore not a single one of them would enter the Land.  For that reason the Israelites were left to wander in the wilderness for forty years, until the last person of that entire generation had died.  Their children entered the Land, but they did not. 

Americans are increasingly realizing the time has come to abandon the Mainstream Media to the wilderness, until it has died off to the very last one.  Recent events have proven that the optimists who expected the Old Media to change it's course through a series of recent scandals were simply being naive. 

Rolling Stone magazine's decision to continue business as usual in the wake of the exposure of the UVA Rape Hoax is just the latest example in Old Media's Long March Into The Wilderness.  

By the way, the UVA Rape Hoax wasn't the only example of fake narrative journalism in the news this week.  An incident at Duke University made national headlines when students found a noose hanging from a tree on the campus.  

The perpetrator was quickly found, a confession obtained and then....nothing.  The fact Duke University is scrupulously hiding the student's name and race tells us a lot.  Let's see a show of hands: Who believes if the noose-hanger was a white frat boy, we wouldn't already have his name and face plastered all over the DNC Media from sea-to-shining-sea? 

Instead we are told the student's race is being withheld due to 'privacy concerns'.  
The swift discovery of the person who hung a noose at Duke University leaves questions ranging from the student's identity to what punishment the person will face.

The university has begun disciplinary proceedings that could result in suspension or expulsion, while federal and state law enforcement officials are investigating whether the action constitutes a crime.
The university identified the person after several fellow students came forward with information, and the undergraduate student admitted to hanging the noose from a tree at a plaza in the heart of campus, university spokesman Michael Schoenfeld said Thursday.
Schoenfeld said the student has left campus but is still enrolled. He declined to describe the culprit's gender, race or whether the student had been in trouble in the past, citing privacy laws.
Of course, this week at Duke, everybody pretended they didn't know it's a hoax.   The same Kabuki Theater must play out to the end. Every. Single. Time. 

Take this editorial from yesterday at the Winston-Salem Journal
It’s hard to know what to make of the brightly-colored noose found hanging prominently outside the main student center at Duke University, except that it’s sad, it’s angering, it’s baffling and it’s wrong. But campus officials, including Duke President Richard Brodhead, handled the incident the right way, condemning the act and calling for conversation.

The noose, made with thin yellow rope, was discovered by students around 2 a.m. Wednesday in the Bryan Center Plaza, the McClatchy Tribune news service reported. Photographs of it began spreading on social media almost immediately. Campus police and school officials quickly launched an investigation.

By early afternoon Wednesday, Brodhead was speaking to a crowd of roughly 1,000 students who had marched to the plaza.

“One person put up that noose,” he said, “but this is the multitude of people who got together to say, ‘That’s not the Duke we want, that’s not the Duke we’re here for, and that’s not the Duke we’re here to create.’”

Duke Provost Sally Kornbluth also spoke, encouraging faculty to talk about racism in class.

“You have black students in your classrooms; you need to understand what they’re feeling,” she said. “You need to think about your roles as mentors, as teachers, as role models. We all need to be together in setting up a safe space.”

The school administrators’ quick response, and their commitment to following up after the incident, is what was called for.
And there you have it. The student accomplished his mission by hanging the noose and everybody knows it.  Fake hate crimes on campus are now happening so often they are a virtual cottage industry, as Ann Coulter details in her book 'Mugged', in which she details a long list of academics & students on American college campuses trying to 'start a conversation' by faking a hate crime.  

The DNC Media isn't looking to give it's audience the truth. It's constantly seeking to push stories that will advance Progressive causes by 'tailoring' stories to fit their agenda. In their world, America is a racist, misogynist, backwards country that needs deep, systemic transformation.  So they are constantly on the lookout for stories they can take national to 'prove' the systemic & endemic racism and misogyny.  

They are quite simply never going to change. To change would mean to drastically alter their basic nature.  Narrative journalism in which you promote false stories to advance Progressive causes is WHY too many of these reporters got into the news business in the first place. They are simply not willing to give that up.  

In the past three years with the Sanford, Florida narrative, then the Ferguson, Missouri narrative, and now the UVA rape hoax, the DNC Media has been caught promoting falsehoods to sell an agenda.  

"Every single cause championed by liberals is based on a fake story." - Ann Coulter

"We used to hate hoaxes, but now they raise awareness!" - Greg Gutfeld

First of all, get this truth firmly in your heads:  they don't CARE about their ratings.   They are on a mission.  I wrote about that here: 

No matter how low their viewership gets, how bad the circulation of their newspapers are, there will be no course correction.  I wrote this two years ago, and subsequent events have proven the words more true than ever:

For MSNBC & other Progressive media to respond to market forces would be for them to cease being the elite opinion makers & policy shapers they view themselves to be. The big corporations that own ABC, NBC, CBS & CNN as well as MSNBC are in the hands of people like Jeffrey Immelt, who love viewing themselves as shapers of public perception so much they’re willing to literally bleed billions of dollars in potential profits.

They value their role as the elite class ‘educating’ and ‘guiding’ the country more than they do their bottom line. 
That’s why no matter how low MSNBC’s ratings go, or how bad the NYT’s circulation gets, the people in charge will keep right on doing what they’ve been doing. They fully believe their Liberal message is more important than the money. This won’t change until the ownership does.
You will note these same Progressive news outlets will mock Fox News & Conservative media for ‘pandering’ to ‘Middle America’ by ‘giving the public the ‘lowbrow stuff it wants’. They explain away the much better ratings of the New Media by claiming there’s no attempt to ‘educate’ or ‘improve’ the public but instead to just pander to them in their ‘current low state of mind’.
Most people can tell when they are getting neutral news & when they are getting propagandized. They know when a journalist is showing them both sides of an issue of public interest & when an elite snob is preaching down at them.
There's only one answer as to what to do with a Mainstream Media that won't abandon it's narrative journalism.  Burn it all down and build a New Media on it's ashes.  Train up a younger generation of journalists & reporters that never committed to the Noble Cause of Narrative Journalism in the first place.  Young people who care about the truth, getting the story right the FIRST TIME, about telling BOTH sides of the story, and who will practice journalistic ethics.  

Because the old dogs won't change their tricks, America needs to go get itself some young puppies and teach them the proper way to do the job. 

The good news is, the Old Media is ALREADY in the Wilderness.   They've put themselves there by their own behavior, and they know it.  All we have to do is drive them further into it, until they have all died out.  In the meanwhile, Americans can build up a New Media that will do the job the Old Media refused to do:  tell the truth.