Saturday, March 8, 2014

Just Over A Week Ago, 
Secretary of State John Kerry Was Insisting The Biggest
Threat Facing The 
International Community Was...
Global Warming! 

After having been in charge of State for a year, it looks like Kerry has finally gotten around to initiating his very first department-wide policy change.  
In his first department-wide policy guidance statement since taking office a year ago, he told his 70,000 staff: "The environment has been one of the central causes of my life." 
"Protecting our environment and meeting the challenge of global climate change is a critical mission for me as our country's top diplomat," Kerry said in the letter issued on Friday to all 275 US embassies and across the State Department.
"It's also a critical mission for all of you: our brave men and women on the frontlines of direct diplomacy," he added in the document seen by AFP. 
He urged all "chiefs of mission to make climate change a priority for all relevant personnel and to promote concerted action at posts and in host countries to address this problem."
10 years from now, after global warming/climate change/whatever the heck they're calling it next week has been debunked so thoroughly even the die-hardest #AGWFRAUD cultist has started keeping his views to himself, anybody think John Kerry will still be describing reducing CO2 emissions as a critical mission? 

Of course he won't. He'll just never bring it up again. 

But note what he's doing here: as the world becomes increasingly unstable due to the withdrawal of American influence overseas, he's going to have our entire 70,000 strong State Department spending a big chunk of it's time focusing on a non-existant threat.  

As Obama's gone about creating a power vacuum by pulling back and retreating, the Putin's of the world have begun stepping up to fill the void left behind.  The world's bad actors have realized they have at least a three year window to redraw the world's geopolitical lines more to their liking before America has a shot at new, stronger leadership.  

And John Kerry continues to cluelessly demonstrate exactly why America needs new leadership.  

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