Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The biggest damage from the developing ObamaCare trainwreck is to the carefully crafted illusion that progressives have worked so hard to create for the past several decades: that Big Government self-anointed elites in Washington DC are competent super-managers of sterling character who can be trusted with an ever-increasing amount of power and control over the lives of citizens.

The Washington Post obtained a memo that detailed the White House in-fighting over how ObamaCare should be implemented. The memo goes over the struggle within the administration between what it dubs 'the economics team', who argued for bringing in private sector specialists with experience at start ups and complex problem solving of the magnitude that the ACA called for, and the 'political team' who wanted fast implementation by it's own in-house political staffers who fully believed they were up to the job.

After all, who needs actual experience when you believe all the 'right' things? The noble cause will grant you competency, or something. Progressives seem to actually believe this,and as David Horowitz explains here, this is why every central planning escapade turns into a flaming trainwreck.

When the political team won the debate, many members of the economics team, such as Larry Summers and Christina Roemer, jumped ship to avoid the looming disaster they saw coming. Recent developments have shown their decision was prescient. The political team that thought itself supremely competent to launch something of the size and scope of the ACA despite having had no such prior experience has now been exposed as totally inadequate.

As the scope of the abject failures involved in ObamaCare's implementation mount, even the die-hard Old media completely in the tank as propaganda arms of the DNC have to shake their head in bewilderment at how they are going to spin a disaster this obvious.

It used to be it took a decade or more for the results of bad social policy to manifest - which gave big government elites & their media allies plenty of time to put out plausible sounding excuses to paper over the failure and deflect any fallout onto others.

The difference with ObamaCare is that Obama & his administration have gone about passing & implementing this disastrous new policy so quickly with such a high level of deception and such abject incompetence that there isn't any gap in time of a few years in which to spin the increasingly evident bad results.

Never before have the progressives driving for social change gone for it with the speed - and the outright deceptions - that the Obama administration has. Which means the bad results are cropping up immediately and in a way that it's impossible to paper them over or shift the blame onto others.

Those who tried to warn the country what ObamaCare would actually do had to endure almost 5 years of ridicule, mocking and name calling for trying to sound the alarm. They were called racists and far worse. And now it's evident they were right all along.

Progressives have done more to destroy their carefully crafted illusion of competency with this ObamaCare trainwreck than the GOP establishment ever did.

Progressives like Obama can only lobby for more power to be given to them based on promises about what they will competently do with it. In just a short amount of time, Obama & Co. have revealed themselves to not only be abject liars, but also completely incompetent blunderers.

The blowback for this should reach spectacular proportions. The Democratic Party can lie and spin all they want, say whatever they think will get them a momentary advantage. But millions of people over the next year will clearly see their experiences on health insurance are not matching the Democratic leadership's increasingly desperate rhetoric.

It must be remembered the vast majority of Republicans - and certainly almost all Conservatives - knew not to trust Obama as he traveled around the country repeating his 'Keep Your Plan' lie. The people he was out to deceive were in his own base. Remember, the ACA passed only after months of threats, arm twisting and outright bribery to gin up the required number of Democrat votes. Why did it take so long? Because Democratic lawmakers were getting opposition to the proposed law from their own constituents.

Keeping more people in the Democratic base from realizing what the law would actually do became crucially important to ever getting it passed. That is precisely why Obama embarked on a months long strategy of making false claims to his own base. And the fallout from this could be catastrophic.

I humorously point this fact out in my new 'Downfall' parody, in which Hitler hatches the 'Keep Your Plan' lie with his generals and then is shocked at the magnitude of Obama's hubris:


  1. And let's remember, the economics team was itself almost completely incompetent.

    Problem is, the true believers will just brush this off. They've done such a good job of persuading themselves they are open to reason that they are closed to reason.

  2. They'll just do what they always do: Blame the Kulaks and wreckers…