Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When History Turns On You

Understanding The Pathological Progressive Hatred In The Era Of Trump

Brian Cates

Despite Progressives selling a narrative for decades of pushy Conservatives trying to tell Americans how to live their lives, too many voters no longer buy this because Democrats & Progressives keep making it crystal clear who's really doing that.

Who is it that keeps insisting they will allow no safe spaces anywhere until they get their way? Is that really the Conservatives? 

"You're going to buy this health insurance or we'll punish you. You're going to let that guy into the women's bathroom or else."

"We're going to constantly harangue you at awards shows, in your movies, TV, comic books, video games, magazines & sporting events until you give in!"

You can't even retreat into sports any more, they won't let you. The elites are determined to raze every safe space for that Other America to the ground. 

You know what a fanatic is? It's someone who won't stop talking and won't change the subject who follows you around everywhere.

Americans have noticed which side keeps poking them in the chest & snarling "YOU WILL DO THIS OR ELSE!"

 Too many Americans constantly see who it is that's dictating their lives to them. They are very well aware of who's using the power of the government to force them to align with beliefs they don't hold. 

As long as their program was running smoothly, the Progressives didn't need to be so 'in your face' about it. But when people have had enough of the Progressive bullying & Democrats lose a few elections, watch out! 

Progressives move to scorched earth tactics. They will polarize & politicize everything in one long sustained tantrum that *must* touch every single aspect of American life.

The Left simply does not grasp that this is how they got Trump. They really don't. They are doubling down. They are going in even harder. 

Trump won because he managed to tap into the anger Americans feel at constantly being dictated at by their 'betters', the elite class. 

You can't hide the Progressive Agenda any more when so many Americans have seen that it boils down to "YOU ARE WRONG AND WE ARE GOING TO FORCE YOU TO CHANGE." 

The use of political correctness & peer pressure to try to drive Americans into conceding to a Progressive agenda backfired.  Once you've figured out the con, you don't fall for it any more. "Give us more power over you so we can make you live how we want or you are a racist/misogynist/fascist!" 

The only American response you can make to a Progressive that constantly wants more power over you to control your life is "F**k off."  Only as we're discovering, Progressive fanatics don't like being told to 'f**k off!'. They get really agitated when you do that. 

Remember all that BS we've heard for almost a decade about how Progressives are on the 'right side of history'?  The Left works  hard to develop this mindset that History Is On Our Side Not Yours, our agenda is inevitable, forward, comrades!

And then all of a sudden they lose a few elections and all the 'progress' they've been making is threatened and they don't handle it very well.

Using government force to enact their 'progress' on the rest of us is what warms the Progressive heart. And when all of a sudden the control of the government is wrested from their hands, Progressives begin to doubt. 

Their faith is shaken. 

The heretics are winning.  

That's impossible. 

That simply can't be happening. They must have cheated! 

Most Americans just want the gov't to leave them alone to live their lives as they see fit.  This bothers Progressives. A whole lot.  What's the point of having a gov't with all that power if you're not using it to force people to live the 'right' way?  The Left has always had an agenda for reshaping American society from the top down using gov't power.  They just don't openly talk about it. 

You know why Progressives lose their minds when they can't use the gov't to force people to live the way they want them to? 

It's because these fanatics have no other purpose in their lives other than this. 

This is it. 

That's all there is. 

Conservatives have God. We have our families. We have sports. We got other stuff we can do until the next election. We don't melt down. We don't get 'Obama Flu' or have to cancel college classes or threaten to endlessly leave the country if the 'wrong' person wins a political office. 

Progressive fanatics don't have or value these things. They lose an election and they lose their minds. You may have noticed this phenomena in the past when Progressives lose an election. "Bush Flu".  All those news media stories about wilting Lefties in dire need of counseling and trauma therapy to cope with a reality in which the wrong party was voted into power. 

They lose control of the government, their whole agenda to force you to live how they want grinds to a screeching halt. This is no joke. They are psychically traumatized by this loss of control. It wounds them to their very soul. 

And that's why since Trump won the election, & as he's gone about reshaping the leadership and direction of the federal government, the Progressive Leftists  are freaking out. 

It has only just now begun to dawn on these Progressive fanatics just how ephemeral & illusory all of Obama's 'progress' really was.  While Obama rammed through his stimulus bill & ObamaCare when Dems had control of all of Congress, he lost that in 2010.  For his last 6 years in office, Obama was frustrated & held in check on many issues by Congress & the Courts. 

The only type of 'progress' Obama could really force on the country was through control of the federal agencies & his pen & phone.  While he was in office, Obama could get through bureaucracy what he failed to achieve legislatively by making use of the EPA, the IRS,etc. 

The only real lasting changes are in the law & besides the ACA, Obama got precious little done on that front.  So for the last 6 years in office Obama contented himself with enforcing his 'progress' on the country using executive orders.

The problem with not being able to work with Congress & compromise your agenda is that most of the changes you make using Executive powers can be reversed later once Some Other Guy is in the White House. Obama didn't work with the Congress & contented himself with using federal agencies & his pen to effect a Progressive agenda.

Now, if Hillary Clinton had won this last Presidential election, for Progressives, things would've been mostly fine.  Sure, Hillary would've come in facing a Congress with both houses under Republicans, but she'd STILL have control of those federal agencies.  Like Obama, Hillary would've used her control of the federal government & her pen and phone to bypass Congress and keep the 'progress' moving forward. 

But Hillary didn't win. 

She lost. 

Trump is now the President. 

And all of a sudden, Progressives awaken to the danger. But they awaken far too late. 

The transitory nature of the 'progress' under Obama was driven home repeatedly from the very first day Trump was in office. In just 2 weeks Progressives have had to watch in stunned horror as Trump uses his own pen to undo vast swaths of Obama's 'progress'. 

While Trump uses his pen, the Progressive fanatics have also had to watch their precious federal government agencies endure a hostile takeover.  Instead of the EPA, ATF, Dept. of Ed., IRS being used to enforce a Progressive agenda, they are now being placed under 'enemy' control. 

Understand, in the progressive mind, any use of the government that doesn't enforce a progressive goal is by nature either useless or illegitimate.  To these fanatics, bureaucrats forcing Americans to live like Progressives wanted was fine. After all, that's what government is FOR, you hicks.

So Lefty fanatics having to watch that selfsame federal government suddenly being used *against* the Progressive agenda reduces them to a mouth-foaming frenzy.

We have hurt them deep into their souls by doing this, you know. In case you're wondering why they take this so personally.  For the Progressive fanatics, this is war. They are not being hyperbolic. They honestly and truly hate you. With a red hot passion. Just by using Trump to try to put the federal government in a posture where it'll leave you the hell alone to live your life how you want to live it. 

So as you watch the histrionics unfold in the coming years as these Progressive fanatics get more & more insane, just remember this: 

It's really upsetting to the snowflakes when they discover History really wasn't on their side after all.


  1. Well said. Time to get Wictor back!

  2. The Democrats brainwashed me and have ruined my life and made me poor in the process. I am a republican now.
    Great article. Great truth.

  3. This is so true. It's interesting to watch it all play out, and how they manage to always project exactly what they are doing onto their perceived enemies.

    People who totally lack a sense of humor and self-irony are usually not good people. All the conservative icons, including Trump, have a great sense of humor and irony. None of the leftist "icons" have that (just like most dictators don't have that).

    When you feel completely out of control on the inside, you want to control everything on the outside. When you are packed with repressed pain, you need to control everyone so your pain is not triggered...

    Their endgame is to make the whole world into a giant "safe space" so they will never have to be "triggered" and grow up and face their inner repressed pain and negativity.

  4. Good comments. May I add one more thing....if they do not push us to change, that means that what we are doing is alright. If it is alright, that means what they believe (people must be forced into compliance through critical theory and PC ideology) cannot be right, as well. But their brains will not accept that they might be wrong. As with Hillary and Obama, it's always the other guy's fault, never their own.

    Cognitive dissonance.

  5. Remember, they're MISSIONARIES. They're also herdbeasts.

  6. You said it EXACTLY True! I was going to say "RIGHT" but knew it would be received as a political position. Don't ever stop telling it like it is, never quit!

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