Friday, July 17, 2015

What Obama Hath Wrought:  
He's Killed That 
'Permanent Democratic Majority' 
Stone Cold Dead

Democrats Will Spend More Than A Decade Fighting To Get Back To Where They Were In 2008

DNC Media has no interest whatsoever in reminding everybody about this, and for some strange reason the GOP leadership never seems to bring this up.  But that's OK. That's what I'M here for.  

Let's take a walk down memory lane, folks.  

2008 House Elections. Democrats gained 21 seats, increasing the majority they held to 271 to only 164 held by Republicans.

2008 Senate Elections. 33 seats were contested.  Democrats gained 8 seats, increasing the majority they held to 55 seats to only 41 held by Republicans.  
2008 Governor Election Results.  Of 11 states contested, Democrats made a gain of +1.  After the 2008 elections, 28 states were being governed by Democrats, only 22 were held by Republican governors. 

2008 State Legislature control.  Prior to Obama, Democrats held 23 state legislatures compared to only 14 by Republicans. 

After the elections of 2008 we were treated to endless crowing from the Progressive Left about the new 'Permanent Democratic Majority', as Left wing pundits waxed rhapsodic about the coming death of the Republican party.  All that was necessary now was to hold the last rites and throw it upon the ash heap of history.  

And then Obama went to work in earnest.  Let's check the results since 2008, shall we? 

2014 House election results.  Republicans now hold 247 seats to only 141 currently held by Democrats. 

2014 Senate election results.  After the 2014 elections, Republicans took control of the US Senate with a 54-46 majority.  So the numbers since 2008 have flipped from 55-41 Democrats in control to a 54-46 Republican majority.  

2014 Governor election results.  Republicans now hold a 38-18-1 lead in Governorships compared with 2008, when Democrats held a 28-22 advantage.  

2014 State Legislature control.  After the 2014 elections Republicans now hold control of state legislatures by a majority of 30, with 12 under Democratic control and 8 being split.  If you count Nebraska, that puts Republicans in control of 31.  

To help all my Democratic friends out there fully grasp just what Obama and Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi have done to their party, here's a handy side by side comparison between where we were after 2008 and where we are now: 

While Progressives have been eagerly egging Obama on into even more outrageous power grabs & acts that undermine our Constitutional form of government with separated powers and checks & balances, they haven't noticed the ground has shifted at the state level.  

I've said for years to change deep blue Washington you've first got to change more than 75% of America into a Red State. Change the country, then force change on DC.  It's the only way. 

All the people mad at the present GOP leadership need to understand one thing: that leadership's time is almost up.  Democrats aren't the only ones who see the voters coming for them.  The squishy GOP leadership in Washington that has consistently failed to keep it's promises or put up much of a fight at all is on notice. Voters aren't bathing America in a sea of Red just so it can be business as usual up there inside the Beltway.  This leadership hasn't delivered and soon it will be replaced. 

In the meantime, as things gear up for the 2016 elections, lets stop for a moment and reflect on just how far the voters have swung that pendulum back the other way since all the Lefty morons crowed about their 'permanent' Democratic majority.  



  1. What does it look like, though, when you map out representation by politicians who represent their parties versus politicians who represent their constituents?

  2. Indeed. this map really only represents the constituent element, If the governing element is included, i.e. how each Congresscritter actually behaves on a left/right red/blue spectrum almost of these red areas would be purplish-blue and almost none of the blue areas would be purplish-red..

  3. Yet we still can't wrest the presidency because for some reason we keep nominating men seemingly ashamed of conservatism.

  4. With Republicans like McConnell and Boehner, it won't mean a thing. In fact, they'll fall all over themselves to move the country even faster into the mass grave.


  5. While work like this is impressive, the point is moot.

    How has the Republican legislative and policy agenda achieved substantially different results from the Democrats since 2000? What factors indicate even a potential shift in policy direction from the Republican party?

    1. Exactly. Since coming to power in 2014, the Republican Congress has fully funded Obamcare, fully funded Executive Amnesty, passed Obamatrade, passed Obama's Iran Deal (or made it nearly impossible to stop, same difference) and approved all of Obama's appointments. What would a Democrat Congress have done differently?

  6. TED CRUZ 2016

  7. Respectfully, so what? This means nothing in a country where one guy decides which laws to enforce and which to ignore, and achieves everything else via the regulatory and administrative processes and the courts. Are any of these newly Republican governors and legislators going to repeal the ESA or the APA, or dissolve the IRS? Are they going to somehow correct the regime of judicial scrutiny that refuses to place a check on governments' unlimited discretion in economic regulation, but steadfastly rationalizes affirmative action policies that violate the plain reading of civil rights laws?

    That's why you don't see Democrats complaining about this. Other than the specific people out of jobs--and they're doing quite fine lobbying--nobody cares. They're getting everything they want.

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